Sunday, May 16th

Consider yourself a budding brewer? Or simply want to enhance your beer knowledge?
First up our friends at Grain & Grape will be supplying & talking you through all equipment required for your very own home brewing kit so you can master the art of making the perfect beer.

Secondly, Head Brewer from Stomping Ground, Ashur Hall, will guide you through the brewing process by demonstrating how to brew one of his creations in your home brew kit. Then experiment at home with your new kit & supplied ingredients. Ashur will do the same, but will use our micro-brewery, Frank.

You’ll then get trained up as a sensory buff by Lindsay Astarita, Stomping Ground’s Head of Sensory and Quality takes you through an Off Flavour training where you will learn to identify 6 of the most common attributes that brewers may run the risk of finding in their finished beers as well as common causes and ways to mitigate.  

Finally, sit back and enjoy one-handed snacks plus a beer tasting facilitated by Australia’s first female Cicerone, Cassie O’Neill, from Stomping Ground who will showcase some of her favourites from the portfolio.