Live Painting – Amanda Newman

Wednesday 11th May

In partnership with Two Birds, we’ll be hosting local artist Amanda Newman at Hopscotch on Wednesday the 11th of May!

In a homage to our beloved city, the Two Birds colour palette will be splashed across the walls of Hopscotch.

Hop in and watch it all unfold with a cold can of Two Birds in hand, 2pm – 6pm!

About the artist
Amanda Newman is a mural artist and signwriter, originally from New York. She moved to Melbourne with big dreams right before the pandemic hit – talk about a lesson in resilience! Since her profession became almost non-existent for the first 2 years in her new city, Amanda used the opportunity to bring attention to societal issues by painting the streets on her own with large scale street murals. Her street art works have been featured in The Age, The Guardian and SBS, among others.

Now that life is getting back to normal, she recently launched Pounce Murals (@pouncemurals), which combines her two loves of street art and signwriting. After spending 20 years painting in a male-dominated industry, Amanda is proud to call Pounce Murals the first and only female-owned handpainted advertising company in Melbourne. Amanda is beyond thrilled to partner with fellow female entrepreneurs, Two Birds (@twobirdsbrewing), to celebrate this new post-lockdown rebirth in Melbourne. Special thanks goes out to ( for the eye-catching designs and to the friendly people at Hopscotch for their enthusiasm and support. Here’s to another 20 years of being inspired by the Melbourne community!


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