Frank the Tank

Hello! The name’s Frank, I’m the microbrewery here at Hopscotch.

I make the craftiest craft beer of them all – exclusive batches just for Hopscotch, prepared by your local Australian makers.

I brew 300 litres of each batch, which equates to 7 kegs of liquid gold. Guest brewers change regularly and I produce a new batch every 6 weeks.

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Orange Brut IPA

Brut IPA is a dry, fizzy beer with plenty of hop aromatics, but not as much bitterness as a typical American IPA.

With an added twist of orange extract it’s our very own beer version of a mimosa!

$10 Schooner | $12 Pint


Together with Hawthorn Brewing Co, Burnley Brewing + Quiet Deeds, Hopscotch presents a special Brut IPA – brand new to Australia, made on site in our very own micro-brewery especially for our one-off CHRISTMAS IN JULY event on Wednesday 25th July.